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A Stress-Free Christmas with Innovation Plumbing and Design: Your Holiday Plumbing Guide

Updated: Jan 3

It’s that festive time of year again, and we know you've got a lot on your

plate – planning lunches, organising guests, and making sure everything

sparkles with holiday cheer. During the holidays, the last thing you need is

a plumbing disaster to dampen your Christmas spirit. At Innovation

Plumbing and Design, we've got your back. Here are some tips to ensure

this Christmas is your most stress-free yet.

Fix the Little Drips:

dripping tap

It's easy to overlook those small quirks in your plumbing, but your

holiday guests won't. Take a moment to address and fix those little

drips and issues around your home. After all, a small problem can

escalate when overlooked.

Make a Grease Receptacle:

empty cans

With all the festive cooking, there's bound to be leftover grease.

Avoid potential clogs by keeping metal cans on hand. Pour excess

grease into a can, let it cool, and dispose of it with your regular

trash. For larger amounts, check with your local recycling center for

proper disposal methods.

Flush Frequently:

flushing toilet

Holiday guests mean extra stress on your plumbing. Give the toilets

an extra flush now and then to prevent unnecessary clogs. Be

mindful of what goes down the toilet – items like baby wipes, feminine

hygiene products, and paper towels, may claim to be flushable, but

it's not worth the risk.

Put Leftovers in the Bin:


With extra guests during the festive season, the kitchen sees more

action than usual. Avoid clogging your drains with food scraps by

using an inexpensive sink strainer. Prevent accidental disposals, and

keep your pipes flowing smoothly.

Stagger Times Between Showers:


Hosting guests means more showers than usual. Avoid running out

of hot water by spacing out shower times. Allow at least 15 minutes

between showers to give the hot water system time to replenish and

the drains time to clear. This simple practice can prevent blockages

caused by excess hair and soap scum.

Schedule Maintenance:

Matt winch christmas hat

Before the holiday rush kicks in, schedule a maintenance check by

Innovation Plumbing and Design. Ensure your kitchen and bathroom

are in top condition. A routine check for potential blocks will provide

peace of mind, allowing you to focus on festive celebrations with

family and friends.

Going away for the holidays? Remember to shut the water off just in

case something bursts. It will minimise damage.

This Christmas, let Innovation Plumbing and Design take care of your

plumbing worries. Follow these tips, and ensure your holidays are filled

with joy, not plumbing woes. Wishing you a stress-free and merry

Christmas season!

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