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Unlocking the Secrets of Your Home's Water Pressure: The Highs and Lows!

Updated: Jan 3

Is your water pressure leaving you high and dry or drowning in frustration? Let's dive into the world of water pressure and uncover the reasons behind those weak trickles or forceful sprays.

High Water Pressure Problems: 

leaking pipe

High water pressure might seem like a luxury, but it can lead to burst pipes and wreak havoc on your appliances. Imagine the damage a burst pipe could do to your home.

What Causes the Surge in Pressure?

A misbehaving pressure-reducing valve is a common culprit. This valve regulates water flow, and when it malfunctions, it can send your water pressure skyrocketing (or even reducing). Some older homes don’t have these types of valves as they weren’t always mandatory as they are now. They are designed to stop your appliances from over-pressurizing, which can commonly happen overnight as fewer people are using the water from the grid, causing a rise in pressure.

Most modern-day plumbing appliances such as mixer taps, hot water systems, fridges and even filter systems are required to have a pressure reduction device installed to comply with warranty guidelines.

Unlike low water pressure that can affect specific outlets, high water pressure can cause a house-wide flood – affecting every nook and cranny.

Detecting the Pressure Predicament

If you suspect high water pressure, a simple pressure gauge test done by a licensed Plumber can save the day. 

Solutions for High Water Pressure:

To bring things back to a calm flow, consider installing a Pressure-Reducing Valve. This device on your main water line regulates pressure, keeping it at a safe level.

Low Water Pressure Blues:

tap with low pressure

On the flip side, low water pressure can turn daily activities into slow-motion struggles. Weak showers, sluggish kitchen taps, and lackluster water experiences. Even some hot water units will not function correctly (if at all) if there are issues with low pressure.

Root Causes of Low Water Pressure

  • Fixture Issues: Tap spouts and showerheads can accumulate debris, slowing the flow. Regular cleaning or replacements might be the fix.

  • Corroded or Blocked Pipes: Aging pipes, are prone to corrosion (especially in older homes with Galvanised pipes). A plumber can repair or replace damaged sections.

  • Underground leaks: If your system is losing water somewhere due to a leaky pipe or fitting, pressure will be reduced, not to mention the cost of wasted water.

  • Municipal Water Supply Gremlins: Sometimes, the problem lies beyond your property. Issues with the city's water supply can impact your pressure.

Diagnosing the Drip: Water Pressure Test

Have a licensed plumber come and perform a pressure test and investigate your property for any other fault possibilities. 

Water Pressure Where You Want It

Whether it's a surge or a slow trickle, your water pressure deserves to be just right. Don't let these issues dampen your plumbing spirits! Reach out to our skilled Brisbane plumbers at Innovation Plumbing and Design for a pressure-perfect solution.

Let's keep your water flowing smoothly! 

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